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Default I have been requested to BBq for a wedding:)

My Aunt just sent me a message to ask if i would be the cook at my cousin wedding in July or Aug.

Im so excited, I never been asked to do anything like that and to top it off, i live in Chicago and they would fly me to the wedding to be the Cook.

I do have a question about Smoking on a UDS

About how many people could I possibly feed on a UDS or two of them, with two racks? I only ever done enough for me or my roommates and never thought about it. I would think Pulled pork would yeild the most food per person then anything else I could possibly smoke on one, if they go that route and make two UDS before I get there. Or they could decide to rent a bbq'er but I would think that could be expensive and a UDS could be cheaper to make.

Any thoughts of what I should ask besides knowing the amount of people and what they would like to smoke or BBQ
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