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Default UDS Cart and KUDS

Here is my cart I built to hold two UDS as well as providing a work surface, lighting, storage, etc. There are also a couple pics including my almost complete KUDS (yes Baylor, K-State, and MU fans I know we lost). I tried to keep the cart build simple following the UDS mantra of K.I.S.S. and keep it cheap. Most of the parts were scavanged.

I started with an A/V cart like you would find in a school classroom. At least you used to find them in classrooms before flat panel TVs and mini DVD players.

I cut the top shelf and moved it back to have a smaller top shelf.

The support frame was built out of old bed frame pieces. In the following pics you can see how the main beams were cut out and attached.

Here you can see the progress with a barrel sitting on the rails.

I then used some other rails to box in the barrel boxes. I did cheat here as I have a welder. However, I am sure it could be done with a few bolts too.

Here the top shelf is attached and the barrel boxes are in place. I had to smoke something to be sure it was functional

I picked up a bunch of tile samples from a design store that went into forclosure. So, I smashed the pieces and did a mosaic top to the shelves.

I added expanded steel to the barrel supports and got it all painted up.

Added a peg board to hold necessary items and got grout down on the tile.

On the bottom shelf I mounted a pull out rack to hold cooking grates. One of the things I have found is that if your UDS has two racks and you need to get to the bottom one, you have no place to put the top rack especially if it is full of meat. Problem solved. All it is is an old CD rack cut in half and mounted to two rails. Then the rails are mounted to two drawer slides.

Completed (for now). I did find a telescoping desk lamp at a garage sale and attached it to the top as well. Very handy for cooking in the dark. There are also some support cables running down to each corner of the barrel rails. Since I welded my rails it is not completely necessary but if anyone emulates this with out a welder, it is probably a good idea.

Thanks for looking.
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