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Smile Pastrami

I picked up a couple of Angus corned beef briskets last week for $1.97/lb.

I didn't have a pan big enough or room in the refrigerator to soak it to remove the salt, so I put it in a bag filled with water in a cooler with some ice to keep it safe. After changing the water several times over two days I dryed it off with paper towels and coated it with ground pickeling spice abd black pepper.

Then on to the UDS @ 220 with some apple rounds and cherry wood with a chunk of hickory

The UDS held steady all night, I checked ever two hours. At 175 the probe test was too tough, 185 was still tough and at 196 was just right
This morning I foiled it and let it rest in a cooler for a couple of hours.

My wife told me to save this recipe.

It was about a 15 lb brisket and took about 12 hours on the UDS.

Thanks for looking.
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