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Originally Posted by racer_81
When Son Of BOS shows up with its 1/2" firebox, and you place it next to your BYC, do you worry about a localized subsidence problem?

I'll have to avoid the muddy spots.. :) but kiddin aside.. i HAVE to get that slab poured. Aint no way im dealing with rollin this one around on plywood to get inot the pit. Its nearly 7 foot high and 3 foot wide. Makes it top heavy. I have already had one fall over and it aint purdy. Part of the new design will be foldout outriggers to prevent it from tipping over when I move it. Easy to do, just a piece of angle mounted to the the bottom frame that folds against the lower shelf with a piece of 1/2 inch steel welded downward about an inch short of the ground. When your rolling it, move them 90 degrees out. if it starts to tip, the outrigger will stop it.

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