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Default Going to smoke a fattie! This is how...any suggestions appreciated.

I was planning on smoking my first fatty or Fattie (not sure which spelling is correct). I saw an idea for a breakfast fattie on here and that sounded god. So, ill write the steps i plan on taking and if anyone has any suggestions please correct my method. Thanks to all that reply.

First, i will defrost and roll out the JD sausage.
Next, season lightly with garlic powder and black pepper.
Then, make scrambled eggs, dice up some green pepper and onion, and lay that ontop of the rolled out sausage.
Next, sprinkle chedar cheese ontop.
Finally, Roll up JD sausage back into log form and do a bacon weave around it.

Ok thats what i was planning on doing for the fod prep. So i need to smoke it now...

UDS 250 degrees, throw the fattie on and wait until bacon is nice and crispy...maybe 3 hours?

Take off smoker, let sit 30 minutes and slice and serve between home made biskets.

So i know that K.I.S.S. is always the preffered method for first time doing something new, but after hearing about the scrambled egg and chedar fattie I needed to make it. Please let me know if this sound like it would produce descent results.. Thanks brothers

*if it turns out well i'll post some pron
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