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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Dave Compton for BOD!
I second that!

As to the original question, I will be judging the invitational, open, and sides this weekend. Coolers have been permitted every time I have judged the royal before, and I have heard nothing to indicate that this year will be any different.

As to the issue of these supposed nibbling judges, I have to be honest, I have never seen a judge just nibble on their food so that they could take more home. I'm not saying that it has never happened, but if it was commonplace, I would have noticed. Personally, I took food home when I first started to judge, but found that it was really not worth the hassle, and that I rarely ate the leftovers anyway. If is worth taking home, I eat it right there at the table. This is especially true at large events like the Royal, where where I will be hanging out with teams for hours after judging. I would not feel comfortable letting the food sit in the car for that long, even in a cooler.

Having said that, I see nothing wrong with allowing people to take their leftovers home. I know several judges who make another full meal or two out of what they take home. Not to mention the fact that throwing it away is just plain wasteful. Just my two cents.
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