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Well since i had a 400 degree chamber thats was seasoned for a few hours i thrw in some chicken tenderloins and a few chicken burgers. Cookin 3 feet over direct heat in a 400 degree chamber loaded with mesquite, wow... they were real tasty. Gotta learn this pits characteristics quick if IM gonna start competing with it come March.

There are definately some design issues i have to either change or get used to. Going sunday to the welding shop where my cousin is going to fix the door handles and cut off the bent chimney damper. Klose is sending out replacement parts. I got couple mods im doing now too. May be cutting a door into the back for easier removal of the waterpan. To remove that pan now, it has to exit the pit at a 45 degree angle, or you have to remove the bottom 3 shelves to lift it straight out. Its made of 1/4 inch plate so its gonna be real heavy and cleaning it is going to be a real bitch. Gotta work that issue. What is REALLY cool, is that the firegrate slides the entire length of the chamber. This would be great with briskets and butts. When they are near done, the waterpan can be removed and the grate slid into the cooking chamber. This should help in making bark on briskets or setting glaze on ribs.

Hey, its a prototype, I'll work the kinks out. Fellin better about it now than i was 2 hours aqo. Stay tuned.
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