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I couldn't resist entering this TD considering it involves what could be my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. A biscuit seemed like the obvious choice to use in the construction of my sandwich. I didn't feel right using anything from a can, and since I'd been wanting to try making my own biscuits from scratch for quite a while, this presented the perfect opportunity to give it a go. I read a few recipes online, gathered the ingredients, and set out to create my ultimate breakfast sandwich.

I began my mixing in baking soda, baking powder, salt, shortening, butter, and eventually buttermilk into my flour. After turning it out onto a floured board and working it a bit, I was ready to cut the biscuits out.

A regular two-inch cutter seemed too small for my "ultimate sandwich" so I searched the pantry, found a larger can, and used it to punch out my dough. After spending 17 minutes in a 450 degree oven they were finished, looking might pretty, except for the few oddballs that were left over from the extra bits of dough.

Before heading outside to begin working on the rest of the meal I "supervised" as a batch of sausage gravy was whipped up.

I fired up the grill, tossed on a few pieces of ham that I had lightly smoked last night (ever so lightly as I was cooking for people who "hate the taste of smoke" ) and loaded up a cast iron skillet with potatoes.

The ham didn't take long, but the potatoes sure did. At least the long cook gave me a chance to fry up some bacon and use a spare cast iron skillet to cook up some eggs with diced green peppers.

Eventually, after what felt like hours, the potatoes finished and it was time to plate up.

My breakfast sandwich began with a layer of ham, cheddar cheese, egg w/ green peppers, peppered bacon, and finally a helping of sausage gravy.

Yes, a few pigs were hurt in the construction of my breakfast. I finished off the plate with a serving of fruit and some of the potatoes (with more gravy of course).

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