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Default Australian Football League Grand Final Breakfast Sammich


Well, firstly I need to say I'm SMASHED!!

Secondly... I have to say I had a farkin great day!

Today, we had our AFL Grand Final. AND IT WAS A DRAW.... This has not happened since 1977! What it means is that the 2 teams get to play off again next week!

Can you imagine, a Superbowl, 2 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!

Yes... 100,016 people at the game, and you can imagine the sh!tfight for tickets this week!.

So, today, I prepared a Grand Final Breakfast Sammich!

Firstly, you might remember I had a Buckboard Bacon in the makin' I smoked that last night.

Then, with the bacon and all the ingredients you are to see next, I went over to Andy's place next door for a nice grilling Q and to watch the game!

Here's some nice grillin'. You will notice the my home made boerewars sausage on the grill!

Then we put on some CHUCK steaks that were dusted with Zachs Brisket rub (which was all I had on hand, but there were no complaints...)

We had a few things goin'. I had a little CI pan on the side with some onions...

Then I added some of that Bacon, and we opened up the sausage just to get it cooked through. Actually, in my opinion, it was overcooked, but I was not the boss of the grill here, and we were cooking for a lot of women scared of blood.... Meh... It happens...

Looking GOOD!

Toasted some Turkish Bread and added some fresh Eggs from Mum and Dads Little farm... (more of that in another thread)

Chow time...

Sammich Assembly...Some Chuck Steak on Toasted Turkish Bread, with my home made Sausage on top..

Then on the other side of the OPEN Sammich, the Buck Board Bacon and eggs, dressed with a nice tomato sauce... this is a regular thing here... and in the US too I'm sure!

Then I went back outside to watch the footy!

Please use this as my TD Pic Please Rob!

And we watched the footy in leisure... Aussie Style...


Cheers and THANKS for looking Brothers!


PS... Here's RUSH the DOG. He's a Staffie... man was HE A HUNGRY DAWG BEGGIN FOR SOME TUCKER!
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