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Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
I used both mesquite from traeger and also 100% hardwood from oscheln farms.
Change your pellets. I think the Traeger pellets are just awful. Once you try something else, you'll see.

Try ordering some of the Cookshack pellets or the BBQ Delight pellets. Both of them use a good blend of wood (you need base wood for BTU's and flavor wood for flavor).

was using cookshack happily for a year except no smoke ring and hard to get bark.
Key point to bark in a CS is you want to reduce the humdity level. It's VERY high in the CS and I would open the door occassionally to dump some humidity (it will also increase the cooking time).

SR is a function of having enough nitrates to "cure" the meat and for that you need more nitrates. Try adding a chunk or two of charcoal. Works well for that.

FYI, I moderate the CS forum so if you have any questions just ask or contact me direct (or over at that forum)

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