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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
I would space the wood on top so water will shed after a rain or you spill your beer.

You could space the boards about the thickness of a pencil. This would allow the wood to expand and contract.
I would pre finish the boards before i attach them. It will be easier to finish them on all sides. Time well spent to extend the life of them.
Screw them down also and if you need to refinish in a few years it will be easy to remove and replace.
The could let it extend beyond the table to create more work area.
Just round off the corners, put a semi circle on the end. I think there are a few pics on naked whiz site that are done like that.
yea the top boards are just up there to figure out spacing and what not. I am going to sand em down and stain them with a pecan stain and then a clear coat. same with the frame. Everything is in there with 2 1/5" stainless steel deck screws. *Note to anyone else. use phillips head screws not these retarded square ones. I stripped so many out using my cordless drill.* I am putting the planks down with 1 1/"2 deck screws. Just having issues getting spacing right between the boards. So when I get home in the morning Ill try the pencil width and see how that looks and If I can get em evenly spaced. I know with 8 boards and 1 3/4" over hang on the sides, I dont have enough room for a screw width space between em. But with just 7 boards it seems to be to wide in the gaps. Will see in the AM.

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