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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Check your units start up procedure as far as the initial temp setting. My GMG goes through the start up process and then sets the temp at 320. If I stand by the several minute procedure I can set the temp anywhere I want after start up is done, and at that point it's only at about 125. If I set it to 180 it will go to about 200-210 and then back down, about 5 minutes to do that. Pellets brands can also cause different temps.
Yes. I figured it out. After several buys I found that I need 2 smokers. 1 cookshack for wife (she loves it and it has its purposes and is easy to operate and food comes out smoky with 1 -2 chunks of wood) and 1 side burner with mods for evenest heat AND smoke distribution to minimize flippings. And a place for a water pan for huge smoke ring. I nailed it last time I smoked and I was delighted. I am still trying to see if a guy can make something not rinky dink like mine so I will explain later.
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