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As a CBJ I would give the below:

1 = 7 the ribs don't have an even coating of sauces, there are some heavy and some dry spots of sauce. Although the grill marks may add to the flavor they don't make the meat look very appealing when you look at them as they have dark black areas and the bones look "burnt". Also the garnish isn't trimmed and looks bushy as it seems to be growing into the lid hole.

2= 8 ribs look cooked to perfection and have a nice shine and even coating of sauce. The top rib is tilted upward showing off the smoke ring and all cuts are even in size. The only thing I don't like about this box is again the garnish is a bit busy and un-trimmed.

3= 8 ribs in this box also look great with a nice even coating of sauce, nice color and shine, and the garnish is trimmed a bit better and isn't growing out of the box. However I took off a point because the rib on top seemed to be half the size of the other ribs and a wasn't a center piece.

just my 2 centavos.
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