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somebody shut me the fark up.
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That is a No, No! We're the whiny butt new guys! :D And, it's not just us - as Tim pointed out, at least in our discussions, something is WRONG when the last place team in a category has a 10 or the 1st place team has a 6.5 -- that just borders on ludicrous.

No, it won't get fixed any time soon -- there are ways to maginalize the "out of range" judge's influence but it would take time, training, and chuzpah on the part of the FBA and that isn't likely right now. Diving, gymnastics, skating, etc. have fought the same battles and still have issues every year.

It IS subjective and the human element will always play a huge role in the outcome of these contests. we'll just have to either figure out where we're coming up short or find another playground!!

Discussions about this issue are not well received by FBA. They are in growth and expansion mode, just made a huge change in team of the year scoring, etc.

Besides, the top teams would be top teams no matter what - each of them have made their mark in KCBS, MiM, and other federations - Jack's Old South,, Bill and the Dixie Chicks, etc. are all great teams - somehow (hard work and lots of experience) they've broken the code!! :D

I guess this is just another example of how "under capitalization" will defeat a startup every time -- we just can't afford to keep throwing away $500 or so (not counting travel & personal expenses) every week or two until we learn the secret of "The DaBrisket Code" :D

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Tim and I are in evaluation mode at this time - we've got a couple of weeks to mull things over - so, we'll be doing just that.
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