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I don't know if you made your purchase yet, but here's my two cents. I have a CS-570, and although it cooks well (from my limited time with it), my experience with their customer service has been mixed.

When I first purchased it, I thought I was having temperature issues. My hood thermometer would read 100+ degrees hotter than the grid. Their support told me there should be no temperature variations in the unit at all and so they sent me a new hood thermometer thinking that was the issue. After that didn't resolve the issue, they told me to seal the burn pot to ensure there were no gaps between it and the fan. Tried that, that didn't work. I found this site and one of the guys on here actually helped me diagnose my problem. In the end it was:
1) more ignorance on my part not realizing that the hood temp will always very between the hood and the grid
2) the placement of the hood thermometer on my unit is all the way on the left side of the unit at the hottest point, so perhaps not great engineering
3) poorly constructed burn pot

In the meantime the powder coat on the lid started to bubble up and rust. I asked Danson's to send me a new lid since I had had it for no more than a week at this point which they did, but the lid they sent had a flat spot on the right side which caused about a 1/2 in gap between the bottom right of the lid and the smoker body allowing heat to escape. In addition they sent a new and much better constructed burn pot, but the new design didn't fit my unit. When I talked with Danson's about these items they pretty much gave up and sent me back to the dealer who will hopefully be able to hand work the unit. Their response was that they were just a small fab shop and that this was now eating into their profit (like I give a sh*t, just fix it). So, three months after purchasing the unit, it now sits down at the dealer waiting for him to see if he can fix it. If he can't I'm not sure where to turn next.

A lot of guys love their Louisiana Grills on here and I hope to be one of them once I get mine back. Just be warned, their customer service is a little suspect. They'll make an effort, but once repairing their equipment starts to cost them money, they disappear. Hopefully you'll be one of the many out there that don't have any problems though.
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