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Very thoughtful thread, Boshizzle.

I'll add my very basic and simple .02 cents:

Low-n-slow bbq can take a long time, so I might as well do it over night in my wsm and have plenty of "just-n-case-resting-time". (Thank GOD we know how to keep bbq hot and tasty for several hours. Can you imagine how much a pain in the arse it would be otherwise?)

If not doing over night, I so low-n-slow a little hotter, say 250-275.... but the early bird gets the worm. After all, you can't leave the meat out over night at room temp, and cold meat takes a while to start cooking.

If, after reading posts online, or sleeping in (go back one tip!) I try to cook briskets or butts 300-325 without wrapping in foil.....just because everything looks ok when the meat's IT is 170, doesn't mean it'll turn out ok....

...SO, If cooking over 275, I no longer am stubborn. I WILL wrap in foil once meat gets 160-ish for more predictable results....and NOT 170-ish...(or at least that's what I've learned lately in MY cookers. Your results may vary.)

Regarding stick burners, I am adamant about this: If using a small offset, cook at whatever temp you need to in order to get a clean burn for good smoke. The bbq out of my current pit tastes NOTHING like the 'Q I smoked back when I thought I had to shut the vent back and keep it under 250. Not to get too philosophical, but if there ever was an example how truth can sometimes appear to be subjective when in fact it's quite absolute, it's with good vs. bad smoke. If you can't quite see the difference in the blue and white, I just hope you get a chance to taste the difference, because it's definately there.

Well, like someone said, bbq's not rocket science. For one last bit of common sense advice, cooking for family and friends isn't the best time to try new techniques and radical recipes. Practice tried and true on hungry mouths that are countin' on bbq for supper, and experiment on yourself and the dog.

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