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Default 220 gallon tank trailer build

I couldn't figure out how to modify my other post and I wanted to have a thread to document my progress, so I'm starting from scratch with a build thread for the 220 gallon compressor tank I picked up on Friday.

You can see a picture of the tank the day I picked it up and the story of how I acquired it in the original thread.

This will be a fairly slow build. I'm not the best at this sorta thing and I can't afford to just dump a ton of money into it right away. Plus, I don't have an immediate need for it, although my dad and I have a few opportunities to put it to good use in a few months.

The first thing I needed to do was get this thing mobile. No way I could have a 6'x30" tank weighing hundreds of pounds just sitting around the garage. My dad and I ran straps around the the bottom of the tank and pulled it straight up using a car lift. From there we were able to torch holes out of the feet and bolt in some heavy duty 5" casters. Then I welded on a cheesy temporary handle on the end so I can have something to grab onto. Even though I still had plenty of daylight left I called it quits early when a buddy showed up with his newborn baby son. We ended up coking some ribs and chicken on the FEC, drank a few beers and watched the games (no pr0n of the food).

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