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Good Morning All,

A little sleep does wonders.

Let me clarify my late night rant.

I do not feel we were picked on or that "our stuff" was the best.
My problem is with a judging system with no QC and no feedback to the judges on their scoring trends.

Looking at the results, even the last place teams received a scattering of 10's! That was in spite of lower scores by most judges. Even the Top 2 teams received low scores from a couple of judges but had enough 10's to carry them over.

It is not really a matter of "low ball" judges, it is a matter of "no ball" judging.

I would never expect total agreement among the judges on scores. But, they should be in the same range or ball park.
But for now, they range from almost disqualifying to perfect at almost every table on almost every box of meat.
That simply is not right--period!

The Grand and Reserve Champs were our neighbors and we spent a lot of time with them overnight. Some good info shared. They are just such consistantly greaqt cooks, and have found some magic combination of presentation/texture/taste, that it would be very hard to out-do them. I have no problem with that, they have earned it.

But, when you have a product as good as our Pork was, we should have been right among the top scores, not buried in oblivian.

The FBA could just take everybodies entry money and have then draw numbers from a hat. Then pick the winners and save a lot of animals from dying to produce the winner's list. The $ we save could fund one hell of a party at the "awards" ceremony.

Anyway, we do not have the money to play lotto with the FBA while we work on a combination that makes more of them happy. I have to feel that when I produce crappy product, I will receive crappy scores and when I produce great product, I will recieve appropriate scores.

That would be competetion, not gambling as it is now.

Gotta go unload a trailer.

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