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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I think that event was in their original plans..............

DF and Tim,

If you can afford it, hang in there. Each event, you'll learn a little more as to what the judges are looking for. It seems you have a similiar situation with "Teams with recognition" that we have around here. Dont' get me wrong, in most cases, they've earned their reputation. But most had to be beginners at competing at some time or another.

Now, in about 3 months, it may be you giving the "words of encouragement". The Belly Brothers have done one KCBS competition, and we had decent results for first timers. If we were to place in the bottom third of all competitors in our first competition of the season, I'm sure I'll be questioning myself. That's the competitive nature in us, to be the best, and remain the best.

Hang in there brothers! Give yourself some time to get "recognized".

I'm damn proud to be your brother, and am always available to do dishes..........
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