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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post

I've never had a hot and fast brisket turn out bad.
Me either.

Now, one thing as to the sodium levels:

Myron uses a pretty high level of sodium in his cooks: about 30% when you total all of the sodium levels in the various ingredients. There can be no doubt that this works well: just look at the 3 World Championships. In general, this ratio will be the way to go for most people, as it will appeal to most.

But then, there's my wife, who HATES sodium... and you've got to have some sodium, so I have to disguise it. To do this, I keep the level at about 5%. Then I tell her that I didn't use any. She'll be eating, and say things like:

"You see, you don't need salt. This is every bit as good as a meal you'd pay $28 for in a fine restaurant and you didn't need any salt at all. I don't know why you don't listen when I tell you things....etc. And another thing....."

I just smile and say "yes dear."

I guess the moral is to consider who you're cooking for, and use the approprite amount of salt.
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