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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck View Post
After you foil do you remove from foil and put back on foe :45 -1hour? I quit foiling a while ago. $4 hours on grate flip or 2 if I wife wants me to do something around the house which i can't as I am too busy cookin!

The uds is not a high dollar cooker. Uneven temps is how they roll. Diffusers help but also use more fuel and lose that UDS taste.

Don't be anal about temps find out where it cruises and limit adjustments and adjust time accordingly.
I do unfoil, but maybe not long enough. I'm sure I didn't leave them on another hour. You flip your ribs? May be some of the issue... I haven't.

As for the temps, that is my problem. Darn thing won't hold steady for some reason. Wondering if the lump burned hotter, and more consistent than the KF.... Guess only one way to find out!
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