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Originally Posted by stglide View Post
To the UDS Experts... Cooked my third round of ribs yesterday. This may be a little lengthy, but wanted some insight from the people who've used the UDS a lot...

1) First cook my temps stayed rock steady. Last two, for some reason can't seem to get them to hold steady. Seals, everything is tight, so shouldn't be an air issue. Only thing I could come up with was the first I used majority lump, and the last two primarily KF charcoal.

2) Heat diffuser??? I know others have stated using a water bowl, or some other type of diffuser. Reason I ask is the variation of the cooking temps across the grate. Right over top of basket, seem to over char/ burn the bottom of the ribs, vs the others outside the center two. I have a pizza pan w/ holes all over it, and wondered if I somehow incorporated that. Would that help, hinder the burn at all, or make it harder to control the temps...

3) When I foil my ribs, I lose that nice crispy outside. Is the wrapping to help prevent burning, simply to speed up the finishing of the rib, or is it just a preference thing?

I'll hush for now.... Thanks in advance to some much needed advise!!!!
After you foil do you remove from foil and put back on foe :45 -1hour? I quit foiling a while ago. $4 hours on grate flip or 2 if I wife wants me to do something around the house which i can't as I am too busy cookin!

The uds is not a high dollar cooker. Uneven temps is how they roll. Diffusers help but also use more fuel and lose that UDS taste.

Don't be anal about temps find out where it cruises and limit adjustments and adjust time accordingly.
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