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I like the thread I'm not a caterer competition guy or full blown addict either. I think I've got a pretty fair level of experience then I talked to a guy 2 weeks ago he does a THOUSAND hogs a year. A thousand!!!!!! There's no way I'll ever be as good as that dude I mean he's been doing it for 50 farkin years or Pop Daddy or some of these other guys here but I don't think I'm as good as I can be yet either. I don't think you ever stop perfecting your method because variables always change such as oh say weather. a 250 degree fire on a 80 degree night isn't the same as a 250 degree fire on a 40 degree night... throw some wind in there and well you see where I'm going. I agree you have to use your pit to improve there's no wind to adjust a fire too in my kitchen.

The 1000 hog a year guy liked my sauce....... his is daggone awesome....
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