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This morning as I walked through the Piggly Wiggly, what do I see. Oh Yeah an 8# CAB briskie, all for me. So I scoop one up at off to the kitchen I go. I have read, everyhting on here that my old, mass of gray matter can absorb and am looking for a couple of quick tips and or opinions.

1.) Do I trim off any fat before the rub down begins?

2.) Am I looking at a flat, no point attached? Seems that way to me.

3.) I'm thinking, salt, pepper, corriander, Montreal steak seasoning for the rub. Sound simple?

4.) Want to smoke at 250* over hickory and cherry, maybe some apple. Now which cooker UDS, or WSM?

Havent's decided on a full smoke until 200* or foil with broth at 160*. I will let the alchohol gods decide.

Just loooking to get out of the gate and finish something that is wonderful BBQ.

Take the beef broth and empty it into a large vessel.

Add enough salt so as to make the sodium level 30%. You want a 30% ratio so as to make the meat moist. Make sure that the injection is at room temp.

Let the meat come to room temp.

Inject it "with the grain," remembering that the more you can inject, the more flavor you'll have.

Add a rub. Watch the sodium levels. I make my own, but like Plowbows and Todd's Dirt: both are excellent. If using the dirt, remember: less is more.

Cook ala Myron Mixon @ 350 until the inside temp is 205 (I tell you this as a JOS grad).

You will LOVE the results!
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