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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
I will scroll past all the responses as most do not have the experience I do with this style.

I will work backwards--- and assuming you are not just -- well, a nut case, and something is wrong with your taste buds... I assume something went wrong. I will go with the most common culprit first...

foil - do not foil... period, end of story, neither should you use butcher paper, pans, plastic or anything at all to separate the smoke and heat from the meat.

Next is -- perhaps you are naturally a "underdoer." Now this is not as common as what I write below BUT I will include it here because its affect is nearly the same.

Pepper Usage - Pepper can be used in ridiculously liberal amounts if the process is done correctly. You must also have large amounts of salt... the pepper when placed on brisket has to do two things.... seep into the meat, and only salt will carry it in, and also, BE EXPOSED TO THE HEAT AND SMOKE DIRECTLY FOR A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME IN ORDER TO MILD OUT.

Anyone that has seen my brisket video knows how much I use. The brisket is literally DUMPED into a bucket then slapped on the smoker. But as it cooks, and with NO spritzing or mopping to knock it off it tastes fine. Why? The heat and smoke milds it alllllllllll out. Throw it in foil or a pan or the oven and cover it and you retain all that pepper in the juice and it stays hot. In addition, if you are one of those that really does not cook the brisket by the proper standards of flat tenderness then you are pulling them before they are done enough to mild out.

Second, the problem could be your rub. Now I used large grain rubs.... Not too large like those thick chunks of cracked pepper, but something other than fine. Here is why... and the rule applys to salt as well.... HOWEVER I can think of three restutrants tahtn use a mix like regualr salt, onion powder, fine pepper, medium pepper and ceyenne and do fine.

If the grains are too small you lose control of what is going on the meat. the smaller the surface area the more of anything you can get on the meat before you realize its too much.

And also there could be something else about your process that ****ed the brisket up... for instance I knew one idiot who had a ribbon from one of those KCBS New England pagents and not darn much else that used an injection and the injection was screwing up his rub mojo.
I take most everything with a grain of salt, a coarse ground grain of salt that is! But right now i just have to say...Thank You. I have been following your posts and suggestions/videos for quite sometime and I fully appreciate your response. My standard method is as follows...get the UDS up to about 225 and let the flat cook till butter tender. No foil, no ramping up the temps at the end, and no injections (as of lately) Thats exactly what i did with this. The meat was at the top of my liking with tenderness and moisture. The bark was even nice colored and smelled wonderfull. but as Bulverde said, it turned out like a Super Pepper Jerky. I am almost fully convinced that my major problem was that i used way to much Fine Ground pepper in acccordance with the amout of coarse ground salt i used. As i told Bulverde, i am challenged to retry my hand at making a Texas Style brisky and correcting my wrongs instead of running out and buying a rub and calling good. Again, thanks brother.
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