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Originally Posted by Dave Russell View Post
Grill Serg, would ya mind clarifying: Are you measuring 225 by your lid gauge or actual cooking temp, and what's your standard of doneness? sliced or chopped at 175-185? bone poking out or easy to pull out?

The reason I ask is that I find that if doing pulled pork (off the pit at 190-200) and GRATE temp is avg. temp of 225, it's rare that it's much less than two hours a pound. Two hours a pound is a very good guess, but I actually time the cook for more with built in resting time (up to six is just fine) if cooking low-n-slow overnight on my wsm. Anyway, just wonderin'.... I know I've read where a lot of folks besides myself like the two hour a pound guess when cooking on the wsm in that range.
Actually, I have 4 thermometers going at a time. 1 at the top vent - usually 25-50 degrees higher than the dome thermometer. Then I have a Maverick ET-7 (dual probe) stuck in the meat - one 4 the top rack one for the bottom.

The two 4 butt smokes I did were each about 33 lbs and they both came in right around 12 hrs without counting the resting period. That's cooking til the internal temp was 197 on top & 193 on bottom racks.

And, another interesting thing... I loaded the bottom grate about 30 min ahead of the top grate - and still, they were all done at once. Amazing!
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