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Thumbs up *First Brisket. Whole Packer. UDS. ProN.

Ok, so I have done a couple free range brisketts. But they were trimmed and also included other parts of the cow. So those two don't count.

I followed Popdaddy's youtube
video the closest. Which is the best BBQ videos on the internet! Love the tunes. I also threw in some other ideas from other brisket posts. But Popdaddy's was the closest. Temps, time prep etc.
Thanks barbefunkoramaque for the post and the encouragement.

Sorry for not having the best shots, my camera was on the fritz.

Brisket came out a little drier than I liked. The flat anyway. Flavor and bark was double dead ass on, in my opinion.

As I began to reach 200* I began to probe. Some parts felt perfect, others not so much. Its then I realized, uh oh. What percentage has to probe like butta? I didnt, know. Before to long I began to worry about making swiss brisket, from probing so much. So I just pulled it.

Guess thats what i get for not doing the night train as instructed.

So when do you pull? What percentage must probe tender? Because this one cooked differently throughout. Also I was only probing the flat. The point cooked up right and probed great for all the later half of the cook as expected.

This is the one I don't Count, as you can see it was a flat, a flank and a shank all in one. Or something like that.

First Whole Packer!

Injected with Beef Broth and trimmed hard fat.

Memphis' own Hickory and Oak Briquettes and Hunks of Mesquite fresh my buddies trip back from Texas.

All dressed up with as close to barbefunkoramaque's rub as I could get.

Straight on the Dumpster.

Missed getting pix of the panning. However I panned with a half beer when advised to via the video. Messed up and when I went to pan, it didnt fit. So I wound up just using a cookie sheet and filled with as much beer as it would hold.

Back on to bark back up.

The Bark was pretty stout, and would'nt let me slice with the backside of my knife. Tried to guess and cut but as you can see, I missed it.

Here is where I attempted to dice the point and throw them back on for burnt ends.

Thanks for looking!
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