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Originally Posted by Sean "Puffy" Coals View Post
Might just be a not so good rub recipe. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks and what not. And, I thought "real" texas brisket used coriander, but I might be wrong.

Another thing to take into consideration is how dilute the pepper was. For example a half cup of pepper alone is obviously overpowering if it's all your using, eventhough it doesn't seem like that much. It makes up 100% of the flavor profile. Take the same half cup of pepper and add it to another 2 cups of other spices and, obviously, the strength of the pepper-ness fades quite a bit because it's now only 20% of the flavor profile. Basically, the flavor/strength of any spice is directly related to the percentage of the rub that it makes up.

this is how dilute the pepper was "1/4 cup Black Pepper 1/4cup Salt 1/3 cup paprika" Roughly half the amount called for in the book. its been considered. i am wondering why anyone would use that much pepper. I used it because it was suggested by a fairly reputable BBQ book. Peace, Love, and BBQ.
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