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Originally Posted by atvottawa View Post
No, that was not my intent. No offence was intended here. But you can't deny that some people do have reations to it. And with a small child, we just try to 'limit'(not eliminate, all the things that are good tend to be bad. We like to live too.) the things that we know 'could be harmful', because there are enough things out there that we don't know that can harm you.
In full fledged agreement here. My GF has headaches after eating MSG, and a lot of other people do have sensitive reactions to it as well. Also, If the hydrolyzed protein of MSG is produced using acid (acid hydrolysis), it will contain carcinogenic (cancer producing) mono and dichloro propanols.

Now I am NOT saying that people who eat MSG will get cancer( I eat it).... but with the above information, "not" eating MSG based on the reason above could be considered "eating smart" as well.

Prior to my post, I previously did not know that soy was used as a flavor enhancer, and always wondered why I saw it in so many items.
I have been educated by the brethren, thanks all.
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