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Some may not agree with my technique, but I had my best pulled pork yet this weekend employing it. It is not extremely bark-heavy, but pretty bulletproof. Most say ignore internal temps and go by feel, but for a rookie w/ a thermo this will get you started until you develop a feel for it. Things I used:

UDS, 5 lb butt w/o a bone, KF blue, Hickory chips, homemade low-salt rub, real fruit juice in a spray bottle, foil, time.

-Rinse and pat the butt dry. Inject if you want. Then it's time to rub heavily, wrap in plastic, and let sit overnight
-remove from fridge to allow to warm up a bit before smoking
-Get UDS started, up to 250 deg running temp, and allow to burn off some white smoke for a half hour (ignore if using lump)
-put on, allow 5-6 hours to go by spritzing every 30-60 minutes QUICKLY, noting how it looks dry before you do so each time
-When it gets to about 165 int temp, you will see it look wet on its own ("weeping"), which is the fat actually melting and coming out of the butt. It's a good thing, and something you will see on other meats you smoke, too. At this point I grab some HD foil, and wrap it with a heavy spray job inside for the rest of the cook.
-Allow a few more hours to go by on the smoker while in foil, watching for 195-200 int temp. No smoking is happening now due to the foil, just cooking.
-Get a small cooler, and enough old towels folded in such a way to loosely fill the volume of the cooler that will not be occupied by the soon-to-arrive pork butt. Leave one towel on the bottom, and have the rest ready to put on top of the butt.
-At 195 int temp, start to probe through the foil. You'll feel the foil, but you are checking the meat's consistency. 200 is a pretty safe number, though, if you want to skip probing.
-When you feel minimal resistence (soft butter), get another sheet of HD foil, and place the wrapped butt onto it and re-wrap over the foiled butt. Place in the cooler, covering loosely with your other folded towels, and close it up.
-Wait. A half hour is good, but 2-3 hours would be better. It will stay plenty warm in there on it's own so there is no need to worry about it spoiling.
-Open a half hour before serving. There will be a lot of hot broth in the foil, so be careful. I pour out the broth into a grease-separating container and let the fat rise to the top for a half hour.
-Look for large areas/veins of fat, and remove and discard before pulling. Use utensils of choice and start pulling, looking for misc bone chunks and fat deposits.
-After fat has separated, add broth back into pulled pork and mix.
-Serve with cheap white buns, coleslaw and sauce on the table, and eat!
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