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Exclamation First UDS build & First Smoke (you'll want to look at this lengthy post with many pictures)

Hi all, Im new to the forum and looking to start things off right with a great post about my first UDS build and first three smokes. I've had this thing going for two days straigt since I build it. First, I want to say its great to be a new member of the community here.

UDS: Ran into mimimal problems during build which i easily adapted to.

Charcoal basket - 564915671_2003020473_545504649_1284085936891.jpg

Drum inside - 564916007_2003021783_0.jpg

Drum outside - 564915560_2003020050_545504535_1284085959763.jpg

Completed UDS - 565183686_2004037085_0.jpg

So i completed my UDS and was almost ready to start smoking. Next, I got ahold of a remote digital thermometer which i used to monitor my all night brisket smoke.

Thermometer - 565684285_2005933090_0.jpg

Ok so the first item on the menu was a half slab of pork spare ribs. These came out pretty good. maybe a 7 on a scale 1 to 10. Could have smoked a little longer and lower temp. This was my test smoke.

Rib -

The next item was a small brisket flat from the grocery store which I had my doubts on to begin with. At what appeared to be less than three pounds, I was skeptical that this pre-frozen pathetic excuse for meat could ever turn out moist. My predictions were correct. It looked delicious untill slicing into it and getting leather for dinner. However, that didn't stop me on my goal for delicious brisket.

Pathetic brisket - 565684320_2005933212_0.jpg

So i dropped everything after my leathery dinner, ran out to the store and got a 16 + lb packer, some wood and charcoal.

Not Pathetic Brisket - 565684352_2005933329_0.jpg

Trimmed & Seasoned it with Meatheads "Big Bad Beef Rub recipe" - 565684337_2005933274_0.jpg

Put it on at 225*F and slept in 1 hour shifts all night waking up hourly in underware, a jacket, sandles, and a flashlight (the neighbors must think im crazy) to check the temperature and make adjustments to my intakes.

Details.... Brisket marinated in mixture of apple cider and apple cider vineagar for 3 hours. (I've used beer and let soak overnight in the past with my stovetop smoker, but didn't have any beer or any time that night). I rubbed it with Big Bad Beef Rub and let it get to room temp. I put it on the UDS at 8:00......took it off at about 10:00 next morning when probe slid in with mimimal resistance. (that sounds dirty but it wasn't intended to) I used about 11-12 lbs of charcoal and layered it several times with hickory wood chips

Brisket results -

I seperated the point and flat as best I could, wrapped the flat in double layer foil and put in room temp. cooler for 3 hours. Point was chopped into cubes. Ate some for lunch and shared with friends( extremely tender and delicious), and the other half of the cubes were smoked for another hour then put in foil pan, mixed with q sauce and smoked to what I think was almost burnt ends which were very tastey

Pulled the flat out three hours later and went to slice in for sandwiches. the thick part near where it connects to the point was juicy and soft. Then as I got further out to a little more then mid flat it got kinda tough. The kind of toughness where you have to actually bite and pull with your teeth to eat.

So there it is my first UDS build was more successful than ever expected, especially the charcoal basket which i created without directions, this UDS held temp for more than 16 hours (overnight brisket and burnt ends next day). The important issue here is the packer. Half turned out excellent and the other turned out a bit tough.

Any comments and questions about UDS or BRISKET are not only welcome but appreciated for me to learn (im only 21 and still have a lot of wisdom to acquire)

If I had questions to ask about all this it would be as follows:
If I had let the brisket smoke for another few hours would the previously mentioned flat have been more tender (fall apart) or would that have dried it out more, and did it rest too long (is that what dried it out maybe) Did I pull it too late (should I have pulled it at exactly 190*F... I hear not to go by temp.. its done when its done (probe slides through like butter)

Thanks to all who will reply

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