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Thanks alot! I cooked by myself (noone else wanted to stay up and help since it was just practice...) and put the ribs on later than planned. I pulled them at usual turn-in time and sliced a rack, but they were chewy and needed at least another hour of cooking so I threw them back on at 300 but got busy and forgot to get them out in time and they got way over cooked. I didn't even bother to glaze them. Not my best showing ever. I still boxed them to make sure we were comfortable with getting 8 ribs in the box after our last mistake at a comp with the 2 ribs not completely seperated.

The brisket was smaller than the one I cooked at the last comp and I trimmed more than I have in the past before the cook to make sure it fit the box. I cooked the same amount of time as last time and it wouldn't slice without falling apart on the thin side of the flat.

The Pork was a repeat of the last comp which we tried a new recipe. It turned out perfect except slightly over cooked and the MM would not slice so I just did pulled and chunks. Wasn't sure if it needed more sauce, but the meat tasted so good I hated to sauce too much.

Keep the comments coming!
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