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Default First Brisket- Questions

Throwing on my first packer brisket this weekend (tried a flat by itself once before, but it was trimmed down too much, I think the whole brisket is the way to go). I have most of my process figured out, but I have a couple more specific questions for the more experienced brisket cooks out there...

-I know the flat is supposed to be done when the probe goes in without resistance. Is this the same with the point? Is the flat usually done before the point, and is this why people usually leave the point on for burnt ends?

-At what point do you guys usually separate the flat and the point? After you pull/before you foil, or sometime during the cook?

-Making burnt ends- do you leave the entire point on for a couple hours then cube and sauce, or cube and sauce first, then smoke?

Thanks for your opinions/tips.
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