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Default Rate my practice boxes, please.

Hi all! We have been competing in about 1 KCBS competition a year for the last 4 years and next year we plan to enter quite a few more so we have been doing some practice cooks and boxes.

Anyways, in the past we were pretty relaxed with box presentation, using green leaf lettuce as a base and setting the meat in there how we thought looked good. This year at the When Pigs Fly contest in McPherson, KS my wife put together our boxes using the putting green method and it turned out quite nice and our meats scored considerably

These are the pork, brisket, and rib boxes we did last weekend. I over cooked the brisket so the slices we put in the box were selected by if they would stay together. The color, shine, and burnt ends look good. The ribs weren't much better as I got in a hurry and wrapped and cranked the heat to finish them because we had to be somewhere. The first rib picture is how we boxed them for the last contest. We got 1's for appearance because 2 ribs were attached by a small piece of bark and there weren't enough for all the judges. They do need alot more glaze, I only sauced in the foil for the last hour.

I thought the pork box came out well!!

Please feel free to let me know what you all think and be honest. We want to improve!





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