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Originally Posted by Ashmont View Post
I come in possession of BBQ books alot these days. I willing to share as they come.

Here will be the first book! The rules are as follows:

I will send any Ash's library book free of charge! (Oh I dont want it back unless specified)

Review then post it back here as avail! (It is up to the poster if they want to charge snail mail to the next person)

Only keep it two weeks! Then post its availability...

Here we go and this is a great beginners book!

I am ready to pass the Big Book of BBQ along to anyone who would like to check it out. Thank you Ash for sharing your book.. It's a pretty good one!
Thanks Babyboomer boy for sending it to me.

If anyone is interested in looking at the book... let me know! I'll mail it to you.
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