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there is one switch and a dial for the temp... thats it. Everything is mechanical... no gas, no electric heat, the dampering lever is a 1 inch steel rod that gets its movement from the rotisserie and a $25 silicone.

Okay think about this.

T Bone Toms uses and Oyler... Ike washed everything in the restaurant into the bay including a set of these 4000 beasts bolted to the slab. They found the pits, drug them out and onto the resturant parking lot where they sat filled with mud and salt water for about 11 months. Then called me to see if they could be salvaged. 400 dollars of parts later they were both running. EVEN THE MOTORS and gears where fine!!!!!! Heck the bearings were fine but we ordered them off of ebay.

Thsi unit looks bad because after a while owners who may keep them covered but out in a place where there is not need for ac, take off the panels and peel off the insulation. The insulation is mostly needed if you keep the unit in the kitchen somewhat.

The walls are clean but the racks need a trip to the car wash. this thing has 12,000 ft pounds of thrust on those arms. I have loaded 500 pounds of brisket and had nothing on the other racks and they purr.
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