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Originally Posted by snakyjake View Post
I currently have the WSM, therefore don't need a UDS.

Stoker/Guru is an option to solve one of my objectives.

Have been hoping for better either fuel conservation than the WSM or cheaper than charcoal, hence gas as an option. Approximately $10 a bag, and doing this once a week adds up to $500+ annually. If if I don't do this as often as once a week, it still adds up to a lot.

Have never been sure if charcoal has a different flavor than gas. I hear some people say there's no flavor difference, others say there is. Also, I'm talking about non-lighter fluid charcoal. I've been assuming charcoal, gas, electric is simply the heat source (no flavor); for flavor add wood. Not sure why there would be a flavor difference if both are using wood chips/chunks. But I haven't done a taste test between charcoal vs. gas, and hoping someone else who has can chime in. If there is a definite flavor difference, my choice can be narrowed down significantly.

While I normally use my BGE as my primary winter cooker, I have used my upright GOSM gas smoker, and my bullets in cold weather. Of the 3, the gasser is probably the hardest to regulate temp on. As long as you shield your WSM, you shouldn't have that much issue with temp control or fuel consumption, IMO. But, as to the price of the charcoal, consider lump from GFS, Restaurant Depot, etc. I find it's much cheaper per pound, and there is no filler to ash up your cooker, or give your meat odd flavors.
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