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I've been told gas and charcoal do not have a discernible flavor. But then sometimes I read that people prefer the taste of charcoal BBQ over gas.

I also hear it isn't the cooker, but the cook. This leads me to believe anyone can use any cooker and achieve the same flavor, but maybe because they cover the meat in a BBQ sauce. I don't (and won't) use sauces or spices.

For either gas or charcoal, I plan to add wood flavoring. In my WSM, I use wood chunks.

Steel keg: that's a good option. It doesn't have to be ceramic, just similar characteristics (insulated and reduced fuel consumption). Sounds like the steel keg might be even better (more insulation, more durable, and better price).

Set & forget: I don't mind setting up the temps, and a few tweaks. The Stoker/Guru are definitely options on the table for me to consider.

Thanks for the input and recommendations. The experiences are very helpful.

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