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Originally Posted by CharlieB View Post
Bubba Grill / Keg is the way I'd go. Specially if you can find one at the discounted price. It's well insulated, very frugal with the charcoal, and consistently turns out a product that you can be proud of. High temp sear, low & slow smoke, baking bread, cooking pizzas, it will do it all.

Just MHO
Yes, I would look at the Big Steel Keg (or Bubba Kegg if you can find them). They are similar concept to the Ceramics, but IMO more durable (double steel walled) with heavy insulation in between, which heat quickly and hold thermal temps well. They use very little charcoal when cooking.
I am Canadian and cook year round in the below freezing temps without issues.

FYI, the newer version BSK has some mod's that help control and maintain lower temps without a lot of fussing.

Again, not bashing ceramics, just speaking on the experience and pleasure with the steel version.
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