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Default Gas or Ceramic Smoker

I have a WSM smoker...great smoker. But with the WSM smoker I usually have to wait too long until I have the spare time to spend tending, plus charcoal gets expensive if I do this weekly.

I'm considering other options: gas or ceramic (Egg) smoker. I want the convenience of set-and-forget, something that can be used in moderate winter temperatures (35+), well insulated, all weather capable (i.e. heavy rain), inexpensive to operate (charcoal can get expensive in WSM in cold temps), easy to clean, and must have quality build that will last a while.

And most of all, I don't want to sacrifice flavor. This is important. I will not BBQ at all, than to compromise flavor.

Assuming I can get all the above, what are your recommendations? Anyone else go down this path?
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