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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Default Ugly drum or mini ugly drum?

Hello folks!
New guy here and my first post outside of the cattle call.
Gathering up the parts and hunting down drums and stumbled across several posts on the mini UDS. Got me to thinking ( never a good thing)

Probably 95% of the time I will be cooking for just me and the wife and very occasionally 4 or 5 more people.But it is also very possible that we may cook a whole bone in wild hog ham or shoulder on occasion and eat off of it for the rest of the week.

Is there really any advantage to going with a mini UDS? I can deal with the smaller grill size if it will be a bunch more effecient over the standard UDS. I'm more concerned about burning a bunch of unneeded charcoal in the big UDS if we really don't need that much room.Also concerned about being able to do long burns in a mini UDS with its smaller capacity..
I know, easy answer. Build two of them... And it may come to that. But for now. Any advice would be helpfull.
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