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I agree with the brethren. Should have pulled it at 185*, not coolered for so long. At 200*, it's already DONE done. Temp probably rose another 20* in the cooler, way over cooking it.

It's an art to say the least. Still figuring it out myself. So far, what I can tell is if it's a bigger brisket, more than say 12 lbs, I would pull it at a lower temp and rest it a little longer- giving a much more even cook. The outside won't be over dry and the center will be sufficiently cooked.

For less than 12 lbs, pull at a little higher temp and give a shorter rest. This should minimize the chances of over-cooking.

I also monitor both temp AND feel, since my "feel" is easily influenced by "beer" and other things... Another reason I don't put bottle openers on my rigs.
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