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Default Broken Brisket (What did I do wrong)?

Yesterday was some of the worst que I've made to date.
I normally cook up untrimmed brisket flats from Costco. Around here it's almost impossible to get a full packer. A super Walmart opened near us and I was able to pick one up. It was a 15 pound monster. When I opened it, the meat seemed very tender and not to firm. It has this grain to it. I never noticed that before maybe it's a packer thing?
Anyway, trimmed it up but left the fat cap. Seasoned etc etc.
Placed it on the Backwoods Party at 230. When it reached 165, I wrapped in it foil and took to 200. Coolered it for 4 hours. Took out out and strained and drain the juce and that's when things went bad. Picking it up the darn thing almost torn in half. I couldn't get slices our of the flat, it was just shredding. Did I over cool the darn thing? Do you only foil flats and not packers? Was this piece of meat treated in some type of tenderizer? I did injected it with Beef stock and left it in the fridge it over night. I've never had a problem doing that before. You can see some of the graining in the photo

On top of the shredding brisket (was not dry by the way) My ABT's were just on fire! No matter what end, they were HOT!
I bought 2 sets of peppers from 2 diff places. I belive the peppers I bought from store B was not hot. I took a hot one ...cleaned all out and made sure, I left nothing in them. Has anyone ran into Hot batches no matter how well they are cleaned? I'm so careful because the family doesn't like them hot. I clean the knife off often when spreading he cream cheese. Sometimes you that light green pulp on the knife I wipe it clean.
Maybe they are too ripe?

Thanks for listening!
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