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Question OK, what did I do wrong?

OK guys/gals, my head is hanging low this morning, but I have to put my pride aside and get this post done. I got a 5.5 lb flat-only CAB from the Supa Wally world the other day.

My goal was to tryout this injection that I got in the mail last week. Saturday night, I inject the crap out of it, at about every inch or so. Tried to use the entire mix, but there was just too much. I let it set overnight and threw it on at 9am. By 7pm it was still around 175*, but it felt done and so I pulled it.

1) I was not expecting this thing to be stuck at 175 after 10 hours.
2) It was very hammy.

So, not sure if I injected too much, or perhaps I should not have let it sit overnight? Whatever I did wrong, it sure was wrong. The brisky was very hammy and like I said it never hit temp. Not sure that the temp thing is related, but I suspect the injection was at play here too since I have never has this happen in many a brisky cook.

Smoker temps were averaging around 230 on the WSM. It was windy and so I had a few spikes, but at no time did it dip below 225.

Any ideas and general feedback for using these injections? I used the KosmosQ.
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