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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Seems like people are completely ignoring your question and blabbing about a completely different techinique caliking.

I would for ignore everyone so far except Boshizzle - who has taken my procedure beyond the zone baby. The other guys are cool but you asked about my "no Foil" technique and following their "foil advice" which probably does make some good ribs (sweet ribs) would end in disaster.

I did something similar to what they ask and did it without foil and swear I got a damn candied rib.... I still have not decided if I liked it or not.

Now I must take Boshizzle on. Do spares and for God's sake, do NOT spritz.

Here is why. The weep em and read method uses a few techs to ensure moistness. One is the type of rub, the other is the speed, leaving the sinsee on is a must I think and NOT opening the pit till you hear the weep... thsi ensures that your hot and fast cook keeps the moisture in.... opening th epit and spritzing will lower the temp of the meat and that is bad.... you want to get from cold to rendering as quick as possible. Then the shut down draws the flavor and moisture back in.

HOWEVER... I will not entirely knock Boshizzle and here is why... I am cooking on either a 1200 lbs pit or 6000 lbsd pit. He is using a UDS I think... which I have not done... soooooooo... the only thing I KNOW is not to foil them and not to use any high sugar content.
Until I get a Lang or similar smoker, I don't think, sadly, that any of my smokers can do the famed "weeping" technique justice. I am looking forward to the day that I can try the weeping technique with confidence. Until then, I will have to be content with spritzing throughout the cook. Call me a wimp, but I am worried about stringy meat from my cookers. Perhaps, that's the variable in the equation. I'm afraid that if I shut down my smoker I will be stuck with tough chewy ribs. If I had a pro quality smoker, I'd be more confident. Help me, obiwanfunkorama! Should I give it a go in my UDS or Bubba Keg? I'm thinking the BK might have an edge due to its insulation factor that the UDS doesn't share. I have been impressed with the weeping method every since I saw the video a while back.
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