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If you are referring to Chuck Averwater (Smackers BBQ) rib technique he uses 3 parts Apple Juice to 1 Part Grenadine. Not sure whose recipe you were looking at but he told me with the 3 -1 ratio is really would give it a sweet taste.

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I make my own rubs and like to rub them down the night before and an hour before smoking let them sit out on the counter. Typically they smoke for 3 hours at 250 and I spray them every 30 minutes. After 3 hours I will foil them for 1 hour. Inside the foil I add 1/2 stick of butter and some honey. This creates sweetness at the end and I compensate for the honey by adding a tad more cayenne to the rub.
Something that I read the other day was to mix apple juice with grenadine. 2 parts AJ 1 part grenadine. The grenadine caramelizes nicely and adds a touch of sweetness. Tomorrow I will try it out and report back.
Using my 3 1 method the ribs havenít ever been dry or chewy. Good luck and try making your own rubs. Commercial rubs tend to be too salty for my liking. Smoking is about you and what you created. Play around with the flavor profiles and have some fun
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