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Originally Posted by shouse View Post
Maybe I'm being dumb but if I throw in thermometers onto the grill grate won't I have to open the lid every time to check the temp (thus letting hot air out and ruining any chance of temperature stability?)?

Also, if I want to do a pork butt, what's the standard estimate on cooking time?
Thanks for the info.
Yes, you'll have to lift the lid here and there to check, but it's the cheapest way to do what you're asking. Oven thermo's are $2-$5 each. Space them on the grate and check them. When you get the temp where you want it according to the oven/grate thermos, note where that spot is on the cooker's thermo, and it will give you a "target" to look for so you can just try and play with vents and keep it where you want it. Double check it a couple of times during the cook. If you're cooker thermo reads "175" but when you lift the lid and the oven thermos on the grate are reading 230, then you know that "175" on the cooker themo is really 230 and then you don't have to check any more (unless you just want to double check).

I have this when I cook on my ECB. On mine, the thermo just says WARM, IDEAL and HOT. I know that the "E" is about 225, so that's what I shoot for.

In my opinion, as long as you're not lifting the lid every 10-15 minutes, you're OK. Check it once or twice at the beginning, and then watch the cookers thermo based on what you find.

Cook time for a butt could be 10-16 hours (for say a 7-9 lb'er) at 225-250 cooker temp. Just have to wait until the meat probes with no "buttah". Don't pull it until then and you'll be pleased. Foil if you think it needs is whenever it looks dark enough for you and cook the rest of the way foiled.

Good luck!
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