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Originally Posted by mmmmeat View Post
well if it is built like tru RF, the firebox on the right, smoke travels under the solid plate all the way to the left (also the heat is workin under the food with no direct flame) then the smoke heads back to the right it's goin out the stack on the right anyways so if you were to put the vert box overthere then the smoke path (which is goin that way anyway, after it has already passed over the meat) will then fill up the vert box giving it loverly smoke plus it is warmed (or hotted) up by being over fire box to the point of great for (almost) very slow and low.

as far as my understanding goes you want the smoke on the meat, no doubt... but i DONT think you want it to stagnate there, (that's why ya gotta ALWAYS leave the exhaust open full, so that you dont choke the meat with smoke cuz afterall tasting the meat is a HUGE part ya dont only want the smoke
Good points, I think I can achieve my design now with a removable metal plate that is only in when vertical chamber is closed and the right spoke stack is open. I wanted to put a grill above the if I moved the vertical over to the right then I lose that option...hmmmmm. I am leaning to moving it to the right I have to figure out how to counter balance with all that weight on the right if I do that.

Thanks for your input mmmmeat!
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