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Originally Posted by mmmmeat View Post
if it was above the firebox, you wouldnt expend any energy to heat it up, the radient heat would heat it up anyways, but, if you will be able to shut off the vert box your design would probably work great, but, i think it would have to be a "true" reverseflow, not with tuning plates one solid plate over to the left dumping into both the vert box and wrapping around to the top.

now, would you use a simple "cookiesheet" type deal just a flat piece of metal slid in place to block off the vert chamber? the stack on the other side could simply be a flapper that closes sealed
I do like the idea of the vertical on top of the firebox.

If I make it a true reverse flow, not pushed together tuning plates will it evenly dump smoke and heat into both chambers when the vertical chamber is open? I am worried that if there is a solid plate and the vertical chamber is open the smoke will just get sucked out the vertical chamber and not loop back around. I thought to have a removable plate(one that runs the distance of the horizontal chamber also, then I can just remove it when not in reverse flow mode.

Yes I would have a flat metal piece that I can open and shut with a external handle.

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