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Default Smoker build input

I put together this crude, not to scale graphical representation of the smoker I am building. I have the first 60 gallon smoke chamber (old air compressor), looking for another of the same size. What I am hoping to do is to be able to have a hybrid, regular smoker and reverse flow. To set it to reverse flow I would close of the vertical smoker chamber and then open up the smoke stack above the firebox which is closed at the connection to the smoke chamber when the vertical smoke chamber is open.

I hope to have tuning plates that are to be spread apart when not in the reverse flow(vertical chamber closed off) "mode" and pushed together to the right to allow space on the left for the heat and smoke to flow. I understand the tuning plates will not be air tight but I think I can get them close without welding them down.

Any input is welcome. This is my first build....Thanks in advance everyone!


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